PROJECT BUILT. (Spain). Works Completed for Startups Offices in Madridejos.

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toledo, chaired by Maria Angeles Martinez, under an agreement signed with the city of Madridejos and INCYDE, has opened the new business incubator that will be a reference for entrepreneurs of la Mancha region in Toledo.

In a ceremony , held with the president of Castilla -La Mancha , Emiliano García- Page; the representatn of Ministery of Economy, Enterprise and Employment, Patricia Franco, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toledo, Maria Angeles Martinez; The Manager of the Chamber of Commerce, Joaquin Echevarria; Madridejos mayor, Jose Antonio Contreras; FEDETO representatives; director Incyde, Javier Collado, and the president of the council of Toledo, Alvaro Gutierrez, among others, has opened this new “Vivero Municipal” which received FEDER funds by 80 %, from the European Union for its construction.

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