AWARD. Joaquín Millán receives 1st Prize of “Europan 15” International Urbanism Competition in Valencia


The Europan 15 International Urban Planning Awards Ceremony was held in Valencia. The event was scheduled to be held in 2020 but had to be postponed for months due to the health situation of the pandemic caused by covid-19.

Joaquín Millán, architect, Founder and Director of OOIIO Architecture Madrid, received the First Prize of the competition for his project entitled ” The Pond of Abundance” at the Casar de Caceres site, where he proposed an urban regeneration of the local industrial estate through innovative micro-action techniques coordinated with urban initiatives for the intervention and improvement of the entire area.

The event was attended by Mr. Iñaki Carnicero, General Director of Architecture and Urban Agenda of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Government of Spain, Mr. Vicente Joaquín García Nebot, General Director of Urban Planning of the Generalidad Valenciana and the Mayor of Casar de Caceres, Mr. Rafael Pacheco Rubio, who presented the award to the architect Joaquín Millán Villamuelas.


Link to the project awarded designed by the OOIIO Architecture Madrid Team