AWARD. (Spain). OOIIO Architecture wins prize in “Europan 14”.



OOIIO attends at the invitation of the Junta de Extremadura and with the participation of the Official College of Architects of Extremadura (COADE), to the presentation and delivery of the International Urbanism Award for Young Architects Europan 14, chaired by the Hon. Mr. Guillermo Fernández-Vara, President of the Board of Extremadura, Mr. Antonio Aguilar Mediavilla, General Director of Architecture, Housing and Land of the Ministry of Development, President of EUROPAN / Spain, and Mr. Lluis Comerón Graupera, President of Superior Council of the Associations of Architects of Spain, Member Manager of EUROPAN Spain, also attending the Deans of the Associations of Architects of Spain and members of the Jury.

The event takes place in Cáceres, on March 22, 2018, with the assistance of those responsible for the six Spanish sites that have joined the fourteenth edition of this contest for young European architects, of the 22 teams awarded by the Jury of EUROPAN / Spain and Spanish teams that have been awarded outside our borders.

The exhibition of the results of Europan 14 / Spain can be seen at the headquarters of the Official College of Architects of Extremadura (Coade) of Cáceres (General Ezponda, 9) until April 9, and then start an itinerary that will pass through Bilbao, Jaén and Murcia.

The Europan contest of urban and architectural ideas aims to deepen knowledge and research in the field of habitat and urban planning, through the exchange between professionals from European countries who join the initiative.

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