OOIIO. (Spain). We are a multicultural team! ;-)

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OOIIO, Estudio Internacional de Arquitectura Emergente

The OOIIO family continues to grow and this summer we have been very well accompanied.
We welcome new colleagues from Italy, Poland, France, Turkey and Brazil, who expand and enrich the team by providing different approaches that are generated by uniting the same passion, architecture. This training has been developed in different countries, giving rise to a multicultural team that favors the resolution of new challenges and projects.

In OOIIO we bet on the creative wealth that is generated by making the team a small family, formed by diverse nationalities with their particularities and genuine know-how of each place. The result is a multicultural hodgepodge translated into an architecture adapted to the environment from a broad spectrum, product of united thought in the resolution of our work both nationally and internationally.

Different approaches, from the most humanistic, technical, plastic … together with different ways of perceiving our environment, come together to respond to the different challenges that the multicultural society poses and that through architecture we have the duty to respond .

Every colleague leaves their two cents in this study as well as we try to leave in them our particular touch of how we understand the architecture and the different strategies at the time of approaching a new project, always with enthusiasm and passion.

It is also through gastronomy, artistic and creative discipline that requires effort and dedication, that we communicate with our co-workers, organizing contests of traditional dishes from each country of origin. Taking advantage of the location of the study, we enjoyed this multicultural team experience on the banks of the Manzanares in the Madrid River Park. So environment and tradition come together to enjoy our multicultural team and full of nuances and contrasts. Architecture and gastronomy share a table and ways of working.

A culture is also created and known through the stomach!

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