AWARD. (Italy). Design house by OOIIO wins International Architecture Prize.



Casa Velázquez, designed and built by OOIIO Architecture wins the Silver A’Design Award for its high architectural quality as a single-family residential project.

The award was presented at a gala held in the beautiful Teatro Sociale of the town of Olmo in front of Lake Como, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, in the month of May 2019.

This new recognition of the quality of the professional work of the technical and creative team of OOIIO Architecture joins an already considerable list of awards, mentions, architectural competitions won, … which only corroborates that the study is on the right track.

The professionals of OOIIO are full of energy to continue working on the more than 12 projects that are now in the studio underway, and with great force to continue betting on the formula that is making the studio grow during the last decade: get a lot with little.

The Casa Velázquez stands out in the quiet environment where it has been built as a singular piece of domestic architecture, a design house built thanks to the trust that the clients deposited in OOIIO, a young couple who wanted to start their life together living in a singular house.

The set of cubic shapes that make up this design house is inspired by the crystallization of minerals in nature, and has been able to build thanks to the intense effort and teamwork of clients + builders + architects.

We hope that the trajectory of the OOIIO architecture studio continues on this good path and you can soon surprise us with new designs of unique residential architecture.