OOIIO. (Spain). We are investing in Research + Development.


OOIIO invests in Research + Development betting on research in new fields of work. We love to embark on new challenges as are each project that comes to the studio. This time in the form of competitions, which require a new way of thinking and understanding the space, covering the needs that each particular enunciation requires.

Among others we will name the contests for the new image of the metro station of Chueca, in Madrid and the works for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art of Pájara “Pepe Dámaso” in Fuerteventura.

In the contest for the new image of the Chueca metro station, the objective was to redesign its interior in order to give the station its own identity, making it an integrating piece in the neighborhood that connects the suburban space with the activity of the “Exterior”. All based on diversity and tolerance, concepts so characteristic of this central district of Madrid. Our bet was to represent the multicultural essence of the neighborhood of Chueca through an amalgam of images of neighborhood residents of different ages, cultures, color and sexual inclination, who loomed on the facades of a fictitious skyline that replicated the facades themselves from the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Chueca.

In the contest for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art of Pájara “Pepe Dámaso” in Fuerteventura, the intention was to create a symbol not only on the island but in the archipelago following the criteria of the architecture of the place. It takes advantage of the existing architectural complex with its courtyards of the Antigua Casa del Cura, its traditional white facades. These are combined with new pieces that seek light through oriented skylights, and that use the typical construction of the island, with a dark volcanic stone finish to highlight the existing white pieces.

We will continue investing in Research + Development to enrich our resources by solving projects!

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