PRIZE. (Spain). OOIIO wins 1st prize for the construction of the Mora’s Business Incubator.



OOIIO wins the 1st Prize in the open competition for the construction of the new Mora’s Business Incubator, in Toledo, Spain.
The act of formalizing the contract took place in the morning of yesterday in the boardroom of our City Council, an act in which he has also delivered the project itself, which will have 5 warehouses, 8 offices for entrepreneurs, 2 offices for staff from the nursery, meeting room, coworking space, TIC classroom and 2 training rooms.

As you know, the main objective of this project is the promotion of entrepreneurship, supporting business vocations and helping in the formation and consolidation of the business fabric, making available to entrepreneurs an optimal space for the development of their business ideas . The project will be possible thanks to the appointment of Mora City Council as a beneficiary of the ERDF Funds managed by Incyde for the construction of this type of project, funds that will subsidize 80% of the nearly € 600,000 that it will cost, assuming the City Council of Mora with the remaining 20% ​​of the budget.