Housing Projects in Madrid by OOIIO Architecture.

proyectos de vivienda en Madrid

Housing projects in Madrid: natural light, a relevant item in our proposals

Sunlight is for OOIIO Architecture the most important material to take into account when carrying out a project. For this reason, in our housing projects in Madrid you will always find natural light as the main protagonist.

It is a resource that we should always take advantage of when covering an architectural project. An indispensable tool for OOIIO architects that helps us play with volumes, to reduce energy consumption, to give quality to our spaces generating multiple nuances, highlighting textures, causing reflections …

To work with natural light is not necessary to be designing museums, or large and complex projects that require care to the smallest detail of lighting. By designing a simple town house, you can work with sunlight to get better, more livable and human spaces.

One of the projects realized by our professional team of Ooiio Architecture where you can see these games with natural light are the “Casas 2QR”. A project that aimed to get two houses for two brothers in a very irregular plot with a steep slope. It was the way to introduce sunlight into the homes through the repetition of a series of modules, patios and skylights that defined the project.

Two houses that look like one, located in the center of a town in the heart of La Mancha, where the light has been able to play with the interior spaces, qualifying them according to the different uses.

Its modern and spacious interior contrasts with a discreet exterior and well integrated into the traditional local architecture. A large open space type loft forms each house on the ground floor, illuminated and defined by the natural light that falls from the skylights located between the roof modules.

From OOIIO Architecture we have used very similar strategies in all types of housing projects in Madrid, making the best designs with the quality and unique warmth that sunlight brings. Contact us through info@ooiio.com. You can also call us without any obligation to our contact telephone number 91 282 62 19. As Louis Kahn says “the sun never knew of its greatness until it hit the face of a building”.

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