A Senses Alarm-Clock

A Single Family Home located on the urban center of Mora, a village in La Mancha region, on central Spain.

This Project is a volumetric playground of materials, colors and brief, combined on such a way that they get an optimum solution for the client needs.

The house tries to enjoy the open space, the natural light, facing its interior spaces to the yard and the street. This patio is not totally private, because the building pieces let the view of part of it to the people from the street, like saying: “this is not all, there is even more inside…”

Build on such a charismatic place like La Mancha, as a tribute to the site and to some of the most important architects from last century like Miguel Fisac, also from La Mancha, we would love to try to imitate Fisac´s attitude of getting a great material experimentation with the less economical investment, we are going to combine several façade materials finishes of glass and concrete, bringing up an important amount of sensations all together. The concrete pieces for the façade will be built on-site, trying to get the maximum expression from its textures and shadows, for a quite interesting personalization of the house volumes, far away from the nowadays standardization trend.

At the end of the day, House SS2 is born with the idea of breaking with its monotonous and quiet surroundings, to wake up users and walkers imagination through its multiples sensitive stimulus. It is a home trying to get us away from the daily boringness to blow up our fantasy.

It is a “Senses Alarm-Clock”.

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  • Status: Under Construction.
  • Project Year: 2013 – .
  • Location: Mora, Toledo, Spain.
  • Area: 240 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquin Millan Villamuelas, Sandra Butautaite, Isabel Sánchez Puerta, Lorena Villoria Casado, Sergio González Gómez, Patricia Moreno Blasco, Sergio Velandrino Poveda.
  • Facilities: M7AI Arquitectura e Instalaciones, Mariano Traver.
  • Civil Engineer: M7AI José Tomás Fernández Dorado.
  • Construction Safely Manager: José Tomás Fernández Dorado.
  • Client: Private.