PRESENTATION. (Spain). Talavera´s Urban Projects.

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The “Association of Architects for Talavera” APORTA, invited OOIIO´s team to make a presentation of the public space projects designed by OOIIO in the city of Talavera.

The event was organized in a series of Guided Visits by the architects who designed the different squares that were refurbished in the city thanks to the URBAN Plan, promoted by the Council of Talavera de la Reina, with European Funds.

Each Architects Studio was in charge of performing the presentation of the square that they designed and executed. OOIIO spoke about their work for the refurbishment of San Miguel Square and El Salvador Square, sharing with the assistants and with the other architects and members of the City Council of Talavera the different experiences during the project design and execution phase.

The event was very enjoyable and satisfying for OOIIO´s team. Seeing the two plazas after having spent some time since the completion of the works, being used by the neighbors, having greatly improved the quality of the public space in Talavera, enjoying accessible places, … with the amazing Talavera´s Handmade Ceramics as the protagonist of our interventions, as we intended in the projects.

What made the initiative even more special was being able to listen the other architects explaining also their experiences that they had in making interventions in other squres in the city, listening to the different complexities of each location and the many challenges that, like us, they had to face in their day to carry out the projects.

We thank APORTA (Association of Architects for Talavera) for their kind invitation to the presentation. A very pleasant afternoon surrounded by colleagues sharing experiences.

San Miguel Square Refurbishment by OOIIO Architecture.

San Miguel Square Refurbishment by OOIIO Architecture.